Vinyl Doors In Your Kitchen Remodel | Kitchen Restoration Hesperia

kitchen-remodel-high-desertIf you’re looking to sell your home and achieve the best possible price, the last thing you want to do is dig deep and spend a fortune on renovating it. Selling your home should be about maximum return on a minimum spend. However, you also need your home to be looking its best in order to attract the right buyer, so some outlay is to be expected. The room that can make or break a sale is the kitchen; it’s the busiest room in a home, the scene of meals, washing and round the table conversations. But how do you get your kitchen up to par, short of ripping it out and starting again? The answer is simpler and much more cost-effective than you might first think.

Your home’s hub

Your kitchen cupboard door and drawer fronts occupy the greatest surface area in the room. As a result, they bear the brunt of daily domestic life in the form of splashes, spills, dents and dings. If you want to give the hub of your home a much-needed facelift, then these are the things you need to focus on. While a splash of paint on the walls might brighten the space up, if the door and drawer fronts are past their sell-by date then you may as well not bother.

The answer is to replace the fronts with new ones from a professional kitchen refurbishment company. While this might sound expensive, it’s a much more thrifty approach than remodeling your entire kitchen. To gain maximum return on your investment, you need to consider low cost, durable and eye-catching materials. The best of the bunch for those who are looking to give their kitchen some quick cosmetic surgery are vinyl wrapped doors and drawers.

The benefits of vinyl wrapped doors

In essence, vinyl wrap kitchen doors and drawers are made from MDF, which has been routed, profiled, sanded and then covered with a vinyl film. While this might sound as though your choices of colors and finishes are limited, the reverse is true. There are plenty of colors available and the vinyl can be embossed to replicate wood grain, so it’s even possible to go for that natural wood look without having to pay the associated price.

Vinyl wrapped doors are also incredibly resilient and require very little maintenance. The edging is superior to those of laminated doors, as it is more rounded, giving a greater aesthetic appeal and greater functionality. The vinyl molds itself to the MDF, giving it a consistent finish and can be made with a textured finish if required.

Get the most for your money

When it comes to economy and getting the most for your money, vinyl wrapped door and drawer fronts are the ideal solution for any homeowner wanting to get their kitchen looking its best. In addition, the doors themselves can be made to measure; to fit even the quirkiest kitchen fixtures. With a huge range of colors and finishes available, vinyl wrapped kitchen doors and drawers are especially useful if you want to completely change the way your kitchen looks, but without the stress and expense of a complete refit.