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Why Use a Backsplash?images

The kitchen can be a very messy place, especially at the stove, range or sink. Often times, we see what’s called a “backsplash” behind those kitchen areas. But have you ever really thought, “why use a backsplash?”

A backsplash does two things: they cover gaps in the walls and protect against water.  When countertops are installed, usually they are cut straight but your walls are not. The backsplash is there to drop down, hitting the wall above the countertop and cover the unsightly gap.

The second but more importantly main objective to the use of a backsplash is to protect against water intrusion. You don’t want water getting into the wall that could cause mold, especially behind the sink. So, a backsplash is installed to protect the area.

The backsplash also gives a finished, complete look to the kitchen design. With the tile or other material coming from the countertop to the bottom of the upper cabinets, provides for a seamless, tailored look.

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Space-Saving Tips For Your Small Kitchenimages

Kitchen design in today’s modern world is big and expansive. But, what if your limited to a space the size of a postage stamp? Well, we’re here to help with your dilemma.  Here are five space-saving tips to maximize that tiny space you call your home’s hub.

  1. Use the inside of doors to organize your utensils and spices
  2. Use your backsplash! Its a great way to keep your counters clutter-free
  3. Remove shelving and install slide out drawers in your pantry
  4. No pantry you say? Build one wherever you can by adding shelves
  5. Get in touch with your inner Julia Child and hang your pots and pans

By utilizing every inch (smartly!) of your small kitchen space will help keep the most important room in your house flowing freely.