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Home Renovations That Increase Your Home’s Value

So you want to spruce up the ol’ homestead. Maybe you are planning on selling or maybe you are doing it for yourselves. Is digging up the backyard to install a pool a good idea? Or, maybe a kitchen renovation is the way to go? Chances are, you’ve asked yourself these types of questions since you began thinking about the reno process. Well, we’re here to help alleviate some of the concern.

  • Absolutely upgrade your kitchen! Most experts agree that upgrading your kitchen is the surest way to increase your home’s value. Its the heart of the home, the place where families spend most of their time. But, where to start? A couple of ideas right off the bat is to install new stainless-steel appliances and counter-tops in stone or granite. These are fairly easy changes that will improve the esthetic of the space. Other details might include installing a shiny kitchen faucet or door/cabinet pulls.
  • The Bathroom A nasty, old cracked or “just not working quite right” toilet is a turn-off…the same goes for a vanity, which should be practical and eye-catching. Proper lighting is also a great “value adder”.
  • Go Green Over the last several years, there’s been a growing demand for green housing. Making your home energy efficient is a plus. Anything that helps keep the heat in during the colder months or the heat out during the hotter months is a good idea. Think about adding ceiling fans in all rooms. Its relatively inexpensive and a quick change. Consider replacing those old incandescent light bulbs with LED’s or CFL’s. Not only are these new options more energy efficient, they also last for years, sometimes decades.

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Kitchen Cabinet Spring Cleaning

When was the last time you cleaned the face of your kitchen cabinets? Not just the cursory  swipe with the sponge or a bit of Windex on a paper towel but a true scrub?  We’ve all tried several products to clean that grime and grease that’s built up over time but nothing seems to make the cut.  There’s a million products that you could try but who wants to spend that kind of money in trying this formula or that formula. Then, what about the surface of the cabinets. Is the “formula” safe?  Well, we’re here to offer you a solution.

In trying various products and formulas over the course of a month, the overall winner was Murphy’s Oil Soap!th

This product cut through the grime and grease with ease and very little scrubbing.  It offered a silky shine to the kitchen cabinets and the mild citrus aroma was an added bonus.  Murphy’s Oil Soap has been around for over 100 years and can be found at virtually any big box retailer or market.  Not only is is safe on wood cabinets but painted ones alike.  In addition to cleaning the kitchen cabinets, it can also be used on wood flooring.  As with any product, it is recommended to do a test spot on an inconspicuous area just to be safe.

Happy Cleaning!