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How To Prevent a Kitchen Fire

Cooking often times can bring together family and friends for celebrations or a family meal.  However, if you’re not careful, it can also bring heartache.  More kitchen fires start from cooking on the stove or oven than from any other cause.  The following tips will help you prevent a kitchen fire and keep you and your family safe.

  1. Remain in the kitchen, keeping an eye on the oven or stove.  Many kitchen fires begin when people leave the cooking unattended.
  2. Avoid loose fitting clothing.  Wear snug clothing or roll-up your sleeves when working over the burner.
  3. Keep flammable items away from open flames.  Keep paper towels, pot holders away from the stove.
  4. Keep curtains away from the stove.  If there’s a window nearby, consider using window blinds instead.
  5. Keep the range clean.  Remove grease and oil from stove burners and oven top regularly.  These are often times ignition sources.

Using basic common sense and following these tips, will keep your kitchen an enjoyable space.

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